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               About the artist Tracey Watkins:​

    My dream as an artist started as a child on Christmas morning when I was seven years old. My brother and I received Superman and Batman action figures. This was my first introduction to the superhero world, and it stirred a passion inside of me that continues to explode with creativity, and a desire, to become the most inspiring artist in the superhero world.
I began this journey as an artist in grade school drawing stick figures which was the main turning point for me. This one assignment challenged me to turn a stick figure into something real, something fun, and something extraordinary. As I started to draw, I placed a Superman coloring book next to my blank piece of paper for inspiration. I looked at this Superhero and said to myself, "now that's what this stick figure should look like".
I have no specialized training, but the classes I have taken from grade school through high school have inspired me enough to pursue drawing professionally. From time to time, I am reminded by experts in the industry how much passion I put into my work, and they can hardly believe that I am self taught. My motto is "The world is my teacher, and I show up for class every day." I hear the bell of inspiration ringing every second, every hour of each day, and I can hardly wait to learn something new.
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